Daniel Poirier

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About Daniel

About Daniel

Daniel Poirier has been a massage therapist since 1992. He first studied Swedish Massage and Kinesitherapy and later Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Myofascial Release. He teaches different types of bodywork such as judo, stretching, Swedish Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage.

In recent years, he has served as a consultant in numerous spas in the Laurentians. He has now produced videos on Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage.

Injuries and pain caused by many years of training for judo competitions led Daniel to consult a massage therapist. Following his consultation, he attended an initiation to massage workshop, where he discovered his vocation. He found his true calling working within the health field helping people regain their full potential and sense of well-being.

During his career in Montreal, he worked in an Osteopathic Clinic where he specialized in deep tissue massage and myofascial release. While working in this clinic he developed an interest in treating injuries.

Now living and working in the Laurentians, he divides his time between teaching and treating his clients. He derives a great sense of satisfaction giving people a deeper awareness of their bodies and enabling them to feel better in their daily lives.