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Lower limbs techniques : buttocks, hamstrings and calves – Vol. 1

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Lower limbs techniques : buttocks, hamstrings and calves

This DVD presented by Daniel Poirier, demonstrates specific techniques on the calf, hamstring and buttock regions. Each technique is clearly demonstrated and explained to easily incorporate into your massage therapy practice.

Much more than just a ‘’hard massage’’, this DVD shows you how to grab and stretch the tissue, rather than simply gliding over it. This method is proven to relieve a variety of types of chronic pain by breaking down adhesions, relaxing muscles and fascia and restoring good posture. In addition, a palpation method for each massaged body part is also shown.

This video teaches you how to :

  • work deeper and more effectively with less effort
  • save your thumbs and fingers
  • break up adhesions which limit motion

Check back for a new DVD release in  2016 !


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