Daniel Poirier

Kinesis Institute

Deep Tissue Massage level 1-2

Deep Tissue Massage workshop, level 1-2

Formation-Massage-Deep-Tissue-niveau-1-2This method allows access to the deeper layers of tissue by way of the surrounding connective tissue (fascia). Rather than repeating the same maneuvers with increased pressure or simply sliding over the muscle surface (as in Swedish massage), students will learn to access and stretch out the muscle in a more efficient way.

Using a small amount of shea butter (instead of oil) creates a greater adherence between the therapist’s hands and client, making it possible to work the muscle from different angles in a more three-dimensional way. This increased adherence encourages relaxation at the fascia level, allowing for better movement and increased mobility.

Why take this course ?

  • To learn a more efficient way of decreasing pain and eliminating muscle tensions
  • To be able to perform a more profound massage with greater pressure, while using less energy
  • To learn how to save your thumbs and fingers
  • To be able to increase range of movement by reducing pain and discomfort caused by adhesions between the tissue layers
  • To learn to alleviate congestion in the muscle tissues
  • To learn a more ergonomic way of positioning the therapist’s body in order to avoid injuries


Daniel’s extensive knowledge and vast repertoire in Deep Tissue Massage allow him to give an exceptional course encompassing the best techniques and approaches for any clientele.



Ste-Adèle, Quebec

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Granby, Quebec

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Montréal, Quebec

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Paris, France

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Montpellier, France

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Bruxelles, Belgium

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Barcelona, Spain

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